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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Me. Baa 💋


Oh haiii lama tak blogging. Rinduuuuuu. Sejak dah lama tak post. So I'm newbieeeee hekhek
1. Born in March 1995
2. Obsessed with dark blue thing but I love white color
3. I love beach and sea 
4. I love greentea 
5. I dont drink coffee
6. My fav ice cream flavor izzz vanilla
7. I like the smell of rain
8. My zodiac izzz pieces
9. Meaning behind my url izzzz because aku suka sunflower 
10. My biggest weakness iz being jealous
11. Phobia with my past 
12. Fav movie adalah movie indonesia.
13. I lovvvvveee sunflowerrrr
14. Fav holiday is in Terengganu (of course )
15. The last thing i ate - nasi/ telur kicap
16. I have no fav song. Mungkin lagu jangan pisahkan 
17. My bestfriends is nad zaki and mimi zaki. Walaupun lame dah tak jumpa/borak. They the best everrrrrrr. 
18. Something thay i really really want is maybe polaroid camera tapi rasa nak printer poloroid picture. Tapi bila fikir balik rasa bazir kalau beli. Baik beli printer, boleh print assignment. Oh yes my last answer issss printer. 
19. Thing that make me upset is - lapar
20. Thing that make me happy is - Blackforest cadbury
21. I dont have a pet. But i like fish. 

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